The “Yadran” Group has a dynamic organizational structure.

The “Yadran” Group makes high demands of the company management personnel. The team consists of more than 1000 people that are loyal to the company. In our employees, we welcome professional policy, personal development and high moral qualities, creativity and the ability to find new ways to develop the business.

Company management pursue a policy of human resources investment. The result of this policy is an increase in the professionalism, qualifications and personal development of the employees.

An important part of the human resources policy is the creation of a social support base for the employees. Construction of a settlement was started near Kazan in order to secure the increasing staff of the Group by the comfortable accommodation.

Largest delivery directions

The “Yadran” Group provides a wide range of services: from the wholesale supply of petroleum and petroleum products to waste utilization and the recycling secondary raw materials.

One of the areas of excellence of the Group is logistics (delivery from a producer to an end user), it secures the best transportation and transshipment of services and delivery of products to every client. Our effective logistics help our clients to minimize time and financial expenses on the delivery of petroleum products.

Innovation and Business Strategy

The exploration and development of advanced technologies are a key aspect of the “Yadran” Group. The Group invests in the exploration of new ways to refine and produce oil; implements the use of the newest equipment available ensuring greater efficiency; and keeps seeking innovations.

In 2012 the “Yadran” Group adopted an innovation strategy for 2013-2017. In participation with the leading scientific research institutes, we started a project “Yadran-Innovations”. The purpose of the project is to find innovative solutions for existing and newly established business areas.

Environmental Protection

The “Yadran” Group has a special focus on ecology and environmental protection.

New technologies adopted by the Company ensure the company’s compliance with the highest standards of environmental safety. It allows us to participate in government programs, on an ongoing basis, to preserve the environment including the recycling program.

The Group’s Companies operate in six regions of the Russian Federation