About Us

10+ years in business

In 2008, a cohesive group of managers, who at that time already had years of successful experience and spotless reputation, decided to unite Western and Eastern business models and create Yadran Group.

European openness, logic and foresight have been combined with the philosophy and understanding of human relations of the East. Thanks to this effective collaboration, Yadran Group has preserved the traditions of the domestic oil industry and at the same time managed to implement all the modern standards in managing its business activities.

The main values of all structures of the group are high quality of products and services, professional risk assessment, flexibility of management to dynamic market conditions and social responsibility.

Our History

  • 2008

    JSC Yadran-Oil

  • 2013

    of business

  • 2014

    Acquisition of
    biopolymer plant

  • 2015

    Charitable foundation

  • 2016


  • 2017


  • 2018

    Industrial park

  • 2019

    dairy plant

  • 2020

    Yadran Group
    of Companies

  • 2021

    Yadran Group

While continuing to develop the segment of oil production, processing, export and trade, the
company also acquired a biopolymer plant, started the disposal and recycling of oil waste,
created its own construction company specializing in both civil engineering and the
construction of facilities for the oil and gas industry.

Key Indicators

As of 2020, the activities of the Yadran Group are carried out in six main areas,
working in fifteen regions of the Russian Federation and abroad.
Oil business

Extraction, refining and trading of oil and oil products.


Dairy products, non-metallic materials, polymer composites and modified starches.


Startups, venture investments, financial instruments, fin-tech and blockchain.


Waste management, construction and integrated development of territories.

We are always open for cooperation
and new interesting proposals.