Our Holding

Our mission is to implement effective solutions, unite
traditions, innovations and culture of social responsibility.

Activities of the Yadran Group are carried out in six main areas, working
in fifteen regions of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Oil Business

Extraction, processing and sale of oil and oil products remains the key activity
of our multinational group of companies. This is the most significant segment
of our holding which makes the largest portion of our revenue.

more than 1 000 000
mln. tonns/year

more than 1 200 000
mln. tonns/year

more than 18 000 000
mln. tonns/year

Industrial Production

The four largest enterprises of the holding are engaged in the industrial production,
including joint production facilities with Russian and foreign partners.
Aktanysh Dairy Plant LLC

The plant processes 4,500 tons of milk per month and produces milk powder, butter and a wide range of fermented milk products.

Urussinskoe LLC

Supplies construction materials such as gravel and constructia sand, gypsum stone and building bricks.

KamVtor Group LLC

Collection, processing, transportation and utilization of industrial waste up to 5th hazard class. Production of polymer composites and plastic products.

Bipol LLC

The company has developed and introduced to the market a line with a wide range of high quality raw materials for the food, paper and oil industries.


Successful growth and diversification allowed Yadran Group to invest in promising
business areas. Despite the realities of today's market economy, the segments
we selected for investment show sustainable returns.
Venture investments
Financial instruments

Waste management

The mission of the Yadran Group of Companies is to prevent the harmful effects
of waste on human health and the environment by providing the highest
quality services in the field of waste management.
Environmental audit

Integrated development of territories

We manage the Zelenodolsk Industrial Park and the Sviyazhsk
Interregional Multimodal Logistics Center (SMMLTs).

Allocation of land plots and
granting of tax preferences

Assistance with meeting the
requirements for the investment
projects, as well as consistent
support to residents

Provision of engineering and
technical resources and operation
of infrastructure facilities


Industrial and civil construction, as well as production of building materials are important
areas used in the activities of almost every branch of the Yadran Group of Companies.

From 2015, more than 50 projects
have been completed, with a
total area of 200,000 sq. m.

Certificates and licenses for
execution of projects
of any complexity

Our highly qualified personnel
uses state of the art

We have our own vehicle fleet,
special equipment and
properly built logistics

All stages of construction,
from design to turnkey

Complex types of construction
(road construction,
landfill reclamation, etc.)

Key Indicators

As of 2020, the activities of the Yadran Group are carried out in six main areas,
working in fifteen regions of the Russian Federation and abroad.
Oil business

Extraction, refining and trading of oil and oil products.


Dairy products, non-metallic materials, polymer composites and modified starches.


Startups, venture investments, financial instruments, fin-tech and blockchain.


Waste management, construction and integrated development of territories.

We are always open for cooperation
and new interesting proposals.